Terms of Service

  1. Acceptance of Terms: By even thinking about using P2W.gg, you agree to sell us your firstborn child. Nah, just kidding, but you’re still bound by these terms. If you don’t like them, tough luck, pal.

  2. Use of Our Services: You agree to use our services like a normie. We ban idiots.

  3. Account Registration: Creating an account on P2W.gg means you’re buying video game accounts. Re-think your life choices.

  4. Payment: Oh, you thought our services were free? That’s cute. Prepare to shell out your hard-earned cash for virtual items that will definitely make you cooler in the eyes of strangers online. We accept payment in the form of your dignity. 

  5. Refunds: Haha, good one. No refunds here, buddy. Once you’ve given us your money, it’s ours forever. Cry all you want, but that virtual sword you bought isn’t going to feed your cat.

  6. Content: Anything you upload to P2W.gg must not violate laws or copyrights. If you are caught, we will remove th content and then embarrass you in front of your friends, or worse, make it go viral. You’ve been warned.

  7. Termination: We can terminate your account anytime, for any reason. Maybe you were too good at the game and we got jealous. Or maybe we just felt like it. Who knows?

  8. Limitation of Liability: We’re not responsible for anything that goes wrong while using P2W.gg. Your computer exploded? Not our problem. Your marriage fell apart because of your addiction to our site? Definitely not our problem.

  9. Governing Law: If there’s ever a legal dispute, it’ll be settled in our favor.

  10. Changes to Terms: We can change these terms whenever we want, without notice. Because why not? We’re in charge here.


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